What our clients say ...

“Inside Pensions brings external perspective to the Severn Trent Trustee Board, providing flexible and high quality secretarial support. We think of them as part of our team”


At Inside Pensions Limited (IP) we are committed to providing services that meet or exceed our clients’ requirements. Our values of Integrity, Clarity and Simplicity apply to everything we do and our ethos of high quality work and continuous improvement helps us to maintain our objective to be the provider of choice for executive support services for UK pension schemes.

IP maintains a Quality Management System (QMS) that conforms to the requirements of ISO9001: 2015. This helps us to sustain the consistently high quality of work we require of all employees and associates:

  • When delivering services for clients,
  • For the training and development of our people,
  • In providing internal facilities, processes and systems,
  • In our dealings with suppliers.

Our QMS requires that work controls, training and other records are properly documented, securely stored and easily retrievable for quality audits.

Two internal systems are central to everything we do and everyone is required to use them to ensure the highest standards of quality are maintained.

Our core system, IP Central, is designed to help manage our key activities. These include:

  • Internal communication,
  • Cross team working,
  • Organisation of client work and monitoring of key deadlines,
  • Recording of time and expenses,
  • Production of invoices,
  • Resource planning,
  • Development of our people,
  • Provision of management information.

Our document repository, based on Microsoft SharePoint, holds all our documents, whether for internal purposes or client work. Standard structures, used wherever practicable for client work, ensure a consistent approach and helps with cross team working.

Everyone at IP is charged with promoting the aims of our QMS and is required to familiarise themselves with the contents of:

  • The Procedures Manual,
  • The Guidelines Manual and associated documents,
  • Our Policies.

All IP employees and associates are supported according to their individual needs for personal development, training and facilities.

Working with the Quality Manager, the Managing Directors are responsible for ensuring the effective implementation of IP’s QMS in its entirety, as well as its ongoing maintenance, any changes and development in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 (and its successor standards).