Scheme Secretary

If you would like to apply for this role please send your CV with a covering email to:

Purpose of the role

  • To ensure that agendas and papers for Trustee and Committee meetings are well structured, accurate and are circulated at least seven days before each meeting.
  • To support the Chair in ensuring that meetings are conducted efficiently and effectively.
  • To produce timely professional minutes of meetings.
  • To ensure that the Trustee Board is compliant in the conduct of its business and that robust decisions are made.
  • To work with advisers to ensure that new strategies are delivered on time and cost effectively.

Core activities

  • Organise Trustee Board and Committee meetings and coordinate the attendance of additional parties.
  • Arrange pre-meeting with the Chair.
  • Prepare draft agenda, cross referring with the business plan as appropriate.
  • Prepare meeting papers and coordinate timely receipt of papers from advisers
  • Ensure Trustees have sufficient information to assess the Scheme’s operations including administration and investment performance.
  • Distribute the agenda and associated meeting papers to the Trustees seven days before a Trustee meeting.
  • Prepare Chair’s brief and send one day before meeting.
  • Attend meetings – arriving in good time to check that arrangements are all in order.
  • Produce minutes within one week of each meeting; obtain and update comments as appropriate; ensure approval, signature.
  • Maintain soft copy filing system for Trustee Board papers and records of meetings and all key Scheme documents.
  • Ensure follow-up of actions arising from meetings and report on progress at the next meeting.
  • Ensure all original Deeds are appropriately retained (possibly by legal advisers).

Compliance, policies and protocols

  • Ensure the Trustee Board is properly constituted at all times.
  • Maintain register of interests and conflicts policy.
  • Produce annual business plan to reflect routine matters and special projects / activities.
  • Ensure Scheme changes are appropriately documented, including execution of amending deeds and informing all interested parties.
  • Ensure integrated risk management framework is in place; monitor and update to reflect changes.
  • Ensure MNT nomination and appointment process is implemented in a timely manner.
  • Maintain list of Trustee discretions and delegations of authority, along with appropriate reporting framework.
  • Establish and maintain the processes in relation to notifiable events.
  • Maintain an authorised signatories list, making sure it is kept up to date to reflect changes to the Trustee Board.
  • Ensure timely review of Statement of Investment Principles and Investment Strategy.
  • Coordinate drafting and distribution of documents required for members, e.g. SFS
  • Respond to queries and ensure that any complaints are handled appropriately.
  • Ensure there is a structured process to review the strength of the sponsor’s covenant.

Scheme registration duties

  • Ensure completion of tPR’s Annual Return, involving other advisers, as relevant and any other returns required by HMRC.
  • Maintain log of participating Employers and potential s75 debt
  • Maintain Data Protection and other registrations.
  • Arrange payment of PPF levies.


  • Coordinate production of the Annual Report and Accounts, ensuring final document is signed off before statutory deadline.
  • Arrange for the auditor to report (possibly in person at a Trustee meeting) on the outcome of the annual audit and make recommendations on measures to be taken to remedy any issues identified.
  • Coordinate activities to ensure the timely production of the statutory triennial valuation, including liaising on covenant update, supply of data, finalisation of audited net assets, appropriate consultation with the sponsor, completion of the Recovery Plan and the Schedule of Contributions.
  • Preparation and regular review of annual budgets and ongoing costs.
  • Review invoices against scope of work and contracts prior to payment authorisation.
  • Monitor cash-flow requirements in conjunction with administrators / accountants.
  • Ensure investment performance monitoring is carried out and reported to the Trustees.
  • Ensure all insurance policies are renewed and premiums paid on time.

Trustee training and development

  • Carry out induction and familiarisation exercise for newly appointed Trustee Directors.
  • Support the Chair in the assessment of Trustee knowledge and organise relevant training, assisting in the delivery of this where appropriate.
  • Maintain a Trustee training policy and log and ensure that all Trustees’ training needs are met.
  • Arrange tailored trustee training programmes, as required.
  • Ensure Trustees are kept up to date with new legislation.

Relationships with advisers and third-parties

  • Manage relationships between the Trustee Board, adviser & providers and Company, coordinating activities between all parties to ensure operations are effectively implemented.
  • Facilitate the periodic review of service provider performance, where required.

Experience & skills required:

  • Previous pensions management experience – preferably APMI qualified or other relevant professional qualification
  • Professional; Diplomatic; Organised; Flexible
  • Strong project management skills; Solution focused
  • Competent with Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications
  • Practical application of technical knowledge
  • Innovative strategic thinkers;
  • Clear and effective written and oral communicators

If you would like to apply for this role please send your CV with a covering email to: