Inside Connections

What are paperless meetings?

Inside Pensions takes full advantage of today’s technology to ensure the most efficient and effective services for trustee boards. We can provide a cost effective and fully mobile substitute for hard copy meeting packs and reports, as well as an on-line collaboration tool for trustee board members. We can source, commission and deliver Apple iPads™ if required, or simply provide sophisticated PDFs, which can be shared and annotated on various desktop and mobile devices. All of this equates to paperless meetings and an intuitive document repository.

Inside Connections’ mobile solutions improve meeting pack delivery times and are more cost-effective and environmentally friendly when compared to paper meeting packs – without significant set up and maintenance costs..

We have all experienced the late arrival of vital documents for trustee meetings. With our mobile solution, documents can be added right up until the last minute – hassle free. Making sure that trustees have a full meeting pack 7 days before each meeting is fundamental to what we do.

All mobile solutions which are sourced by Inside Pensions are delivered with inbuilt and robust security controls to protect trustee data and information. We can also help to ensure compliance with specific internal IT policies if required.

Security and safety of important and sensitive trustee information is of course a priority for us and for you.

Our ‘Inside Connections’ facility offers a fully optimised, electronic document library service, through the use of online content management system (Microsoft SharePoint™ Online). The nature of our industry means that our clients often need access to a vast number of important documents from wherever they happen to be.

An ‘Inside Connections’ electronic document library provides:

•     Full access for the trustee board members (Restrictions can be ascertained for certain files / advisors as appropriate).
•     Efficient communication and collaboration facilities (for example, in relation to approval of proposals, and recommendations).
•     Archiving and storage of historical documents.

Inside Connections libraries are designed by our team of experienced scheme secretaries utilising their broad experience to ensure navigation is as easy as possible. They are then constructed and managed by Inside Pensions’ support team.

Independently verified

Microsoft SharePoint™ Online delivers enterprise level reliability and security to protect trustee data and information, and complies with internal IT policies.

Office 365 is compliant with many world-class industry standards, and it is verified by third parties.

  • Certified for ISO 27001
  • EU Model Clauses
  • Data processing agreement
  • HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (HIPAA BAA)
  • Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA)
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)